Franke Joehl started in the Real Estate Industry in 2015 and through the years serving in multiple roles, he has found his passion for Teaching, Coaching, and Developing Agents and Brokerages. Starting in the industry as an executive assistant for a team, becoming a licensed agent, transitioning to Director of Agent Development for a multi-location brokerage to ultimately moving into a Leadership role with a regional sub franchisor, Franke has been on multiple sides of the Real Estate Transaction and uses this knowledge learned to teach and train agents and brokers to success using Social Media.

Currently serving as Director of Operations for EXIT Realty Alabama and Mississippi, Franke is responsible for maintaining franchise records and compliance, onboarding of new offices, coaching and training of agents, and overall operations for the entire region.

Franke is a National Speaker, speaking across the US and Canada. In January of 2019, he took to the road to begin his career as a National Speaker. By the summer of 2019, Franke had already completed over 45 events across North America, each time growing and larger and stronger following. By January 2020, Franke had flown over 100 Airline Flights total, talk about major growth.

Franke is the creator of Fearlessly Authentic Coaching and The Fearlessly Authentic Podcast, which are dedicated to helping real estate agents with all things Social Media, Marketing, and Branding while still being their Fearlessly Authentic Self.

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A podcast dedicated to all things Social Media, Marketing, and Branding while still being your Fearlessly Authentic Self. Why Fit In when you were Born to Stand Out? Each Week, we are going to bring you New Tools, Tips, and Strategies to Help Develop Your Authentic Self on Social Media and in Your Marketing.